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Axial SCX10 Steering Upgrade Kit (STA30516)

Axial SCX10 Steering Upgrade Kit (STA30516)

STA30516 Precision Aluminum Steering Upgrade Kit for SCX10

This kit requires Axial AX80005 Rod Ends and AX80018 Rod End Links

Remove the plastic steering links from the front axle

Remove the plastic short steering link and keep the button head screw.  Also keep the nut and screw from the servo saver

Locate the rod ends and rod end links from AX80005 and AX80018 parts tree.  Install the rod end links by snapping them into the rod ends.  Thread in the included M3x16mm setscrew using a good 1.5mm hex wrench.  Leave about half the thread for installation into the aluminum links.

Install the rod end assembly onto the aluminum links.  Be sure to use a small drop of blue loc-tite on all the threads of the set-screw upon installing them into the aluminum links.

Install the short link back onto the servo saver.  Angle the servo saver slightly to make it easier to hold the M3 nut behind the servo saver for the screw to install.

now install the long link starting with the right front of the truck (looking from back forward to determine right front) using the button head screw saved from the plastic steering link 

Now bring the short link and the long link together on the other knuckle.  Put the 2mm aluminum spacer in between the two rod ends and put the included M3x25mm screw through the assembly and screw into the knuckle

Locate the included M3 lock nut and install it underneath the steering knuckle

The installation is now complete.  Now you have a solid and precise steering system in place for your Axial SCX10!

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