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Axial SCX10 Off-Axle Servo Mount/Panhard Kit (STA30487)

Axial SCX10 Off-Axle Servo Mount/Panhard Kit (STA30487)

Thank you for purchasing the STA30487 (or STA30487X) off-axle servo mount/Panhard kit for the Axial SCX10.  This is one of the best upgrade to improve the scale realism of your SCX10 buy removing the large and visible steering servo off the axle pumpkin and on to the chassi, which will give your SCX10 a vastly improved realistic look.

The instruction below is for STA30487, for STA30487X which includes the STA30516, please check out the instruction for STA30516 install here.  You will need a pack of AX80005 rod ends from Axial to complete this build. 

First thing you want to have is a nice clean space to work on your build.

Next remove the wheels/tires and the front bumper and bumper mount.

Now we go over the hardware included in the kit (STA30487) for those that purchased STA30487X there will be hardware included specifically for the STA30516 steering link kit, please check the STA30516 instruction for installation and where the hardware is used.

First step is actually enlarging the hole on the chassis rail for installing the servo mounts.  The fourth hole from the front of the chassis rail is the one we will use to install the servo mounts.  These are not quite 3mm in diameter, but with any of the wood screw from your SCX10, you can slowly and easily enlarge the hole to a 3mm diameter size. 

Next we install the longer of the two servo mount, secure it with a 3x8mm button head screw

We now install the shorter servo mount on the other side with a 3x6mm button head screw

Next we install the Panhard mount by first removing the front screw of the front shock tower mount, install the panhard mount as shown using a 3x10mm button head screw

Next locate the 3x106mm hardened black oxide steel panhard link.  Install two turnbuckle ends from AX80005 at each end.  Threaded the AX80005 ends on until only about 1mm of thread is showing.  Adjust the length accordingly later on.

Now remove the king pin screw on the top of the left (looking from rear forward) steering knuckle

This is optional: you can remove the two stems that holds the old servo plate so the panhard link have more clearance but more importantly a more realistic look to the front axle

Next put the included thin metal washer on top of the steering knuckle bushing.  This washer will keep the panhard link end ball links from binding into the steering knuckle bushing. 

Now install the panhard link using the 3x16mm buttonhead screw, all the way through the steering knuckle and screw into the hub carrier.

Next install the other end of the panhard link from the bottom to the panhard mount using the 3x12mm button head screw.

Secure the buttonhead screw with the M3 lock-nut

Next we take the included 6mm spacer (we are using a non-matching silver spacer to illustrate) and extend the short steering link.  Please note you will need either the Axial aluminum steering setup upgrade or our STA30516 steering upgrade to achieve the proper length for steering.  Be sure to use a bit of blue loctite to secure the set-screw in the aluminum link.

Now we remove the front upper link (whether it is the "Y" link setup or the 4-link setup) and replace it with the included single upper suspension link with one straight rod end and one curved rod end from the AX80005 parts tree

Now modified the upper link mount on the axle by cutting it down by about 4mm (the area to be cut shown in red circle)

Mount the straight rod end of the single upper link with the 3x12mm flat head screw

and the other end to the single upper suspension link to the chassis rail

Now remove the long steering link from the left steering knuckle

We now install the steering servo on to the new servo mounts using the two flanged button head screw.  Servo might need to be re-centered after steering linkages are installed.  You will be installing using the lower set of the servo ears on the servo case.

Now install the steering linkages on top of each other back on to the left steering knuckle as shown (almost done!)

Now reinstall the bumper mount back on to the chassis rails.  The spacing is tight, but if you use the stock Axial servo arm it should clear

Finally install the bumper back onto the bumper mount.  You will have to use the end holes to avoid making contact with the servo arm.  However, if you wish to bring the bumper closer to the body and want to use the other holes, the ends of the bumper mounting posts will have to be trimmed

That's it!  All finished.  It is a very simple and yet effective off-axle servo/panhard setup that greatly improves the scale realism of your SCX10

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