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Slash4x4/Stampede4x4/Telluride Steering Bellcrank

Slash4x4/Stampede4x4/Telluride Steering Bellcrank

Instruction for Slash4x4 steering bellcrank:

We will be using the new Traxxas Telluride (which share the same steering setup as Slash 4x4 and Stampede 4x4):

1) remove the front skid plate from the truck.  This will require removing the bumper, front hinge-pin holder, and skid plate from the chassis

There are two screws from the top side of the chassis to remove so the skid plate can be removed from the chassis:

2) next we open our STRC aluminum steering bellcrank set for the Slash 4x4 (ST6845) since Traxxas does not provide step by step instruction, a good method would be to line up the option parts next to the stock parts side by side and take a picture with your camera for reference

Assemble the left side bellcrank in the following order below

Be sure to note that the servo saver spring post is "D" shaped at the bottom and keys into the bottom bellcrank


Before removing the stock plastic bellcrank, line up the option parts next to the stock parts for reference (this is a good time to take a picture for reference)

3) remove the plastic stock steering bellcrank.  Note that the white plastic bushing (or in case of Slash 4x4 Stampede 4x4 it should be bearings) might stay in place on the post, and that's ok

Unscrew the center link and make sure not to loose the screw.  Remove the top plastic white bushing (or bearing) and pop off the servo saver spring retainer.  You will need to use the spring and bushing (or bearing)

Install the servo saver spring and screw down the aluminum retainer.  Screw it down enough so approx. 1mm of servo saver post thread shows through.  Install the white bushing (or bearing) on top.  Locate the two center link shoulder screws (these center link shoulder screws are ones from your stock plastic steering kit) and the center aluminum link.

test fit the shoulder screws and make sure they rotate freely in the aluminum center link.  Some customer have mentioned a small bind upon installing our aluminum bellcrank and this is due to these shoulder screws being slightly bent.  Our aluminum option parts are very precise and tight tolerance so unlike plastic parts where a slight bend in the screw might not be an issue, an aluminum component will not operate freely if one (or both of these screws) are slightly bent.

4) install the center link and connect the left and right steering bellcrank assembly.  Use just a very small drop of blue loc-tite on each of the shoulder screw upon installing the center link.  Let it dry.  Be sure not to use too much blue loc-tite as it will bind up the steering when it dries.

install the steering assembly over the steering posts.  Make sure the lower two bushings (or bearings) press into the assembly completely.  Install the left and right steering links back onto the steering bellcranks.  Use just a small drop of blue loc-tite here as well.  Again, too much will bind up the steering.

Bring the whole skid plate/Steering assembly back to the chassis.  Be sure to have the driveshaft connected.  Also make sure the the top two screws that holds the steering bellcrank in place snaps into the hole underneath the chassis for it so the skid plate sits properly.  Screw in the top two screws from the chassis for the skid plate and then the bottom two.

flip the truck over and install the steering servo link onto the bellcrank.  Just a small drop of blue loc-tite is needed to secure the screw.

Finally, install the front bumper back onto your truck.  You are done!


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