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Traxxas Slash 4x4 1/8th scale E-buggy Conversion kit

Traxxas Slash 4x4 1/8th scale E-buggy Conversion kit

The following are installation instruction for the Slash 4x4 Pro8 E-buggy conversion kit (ST6808)

Start with the CNC Machined Aluminum Wing mount and the wing mount cross member posts.  Use the 3x10mm flat-head screw for securing the posts on to the wing mount.  Use a small drop of blue loc-tite on the threads of the screw.

Next line up the wing mount holes on the wing mount next to the grid markings on the underside of the 1/8th buggy wing (we used a JConcept rear wing).  And mark it with a Sharpie.  Drill the holes and we like to recommand the Traxxas 4859 3x10mm Big Flat-head screw to secure the wing onto our wing mount.  

Now remove the rear bumper completely.  If you want to run the rear sway bar mount, you need to save the small portion of the rear bumper where the sway bar mounts to and pass through.  Remove the rear hinge-pin plate and replace it with the included rear hinge-pin block.  Use the stock button head screw to install the hinge-pin block in place and secure it from the bottom with the 3x15mm flat-head screw.

Next locate the wing mount assembly and the aluminum spacers.  For plastic shock tower, you will use the shorter 4.5mmx6mm spacers.  For aluminum shock tower, you will use the slightly taller 5.5mmx6mm spacers.  Install the rear wing mount assembly with the longest included 3x18mm flat-head screws and also from the top using 3x10mm flat-head screw (along with a small drop of loc-tite)

Now we move to the front of the truck, remove the front bumper and front skid plate.  Remove the hinge-pin plate and replace it with the front hinge-pin block.  Secure it with the stock button head screw.  Locate the front bumper and use the flat-head chassis screws to secure it in place.  Start with the front two screw and keep them loose and screw it down a little bit each side and work the bumper as you start to tighten the screw to ensure the bumper is straight.  **Note: Because of the steep angle we are bending the bumper and the thickness/durability of the material, there might be a slight deviation in the bumper angle, however this should not have any negative effect on the performance of the buggy.**

Locate the CNC Machined aluminum front and rear body mount, and install them with the longer included 4mm button head screw.  For owners of our Slash 4x4 LCG chassis kit, you will use the longer screw up front (due to the sway bar mounts) and the shorter 4mm button head screw for the rear.  For plastic Traxxas chassis owners, you will use the shorter 4mm button head screw front and rear.

When it comes to the body, it is more of a personal preference and also depending on the type of chassis you are using.  If you're using our Slash 4x4 LCG conversion kit chassis, then you can use either a JConcept Tekno EB48 buggy body (best fit) or one for the Hot Bodies Ve8.  For folks using the stock chassis, something wider along the line of RC8e or Mugen E-buggy body would probably be best.  For owners of the Traxxas LCG chassis, you can look into a body for the Losi 8ight-E.  When it comes to mounting the body, you can purchase 1/8th buggy mount posts, but to get the body nice and low, the following method of using the Traxxas 3931 3x8mm Big Flat-head screw and a few o-rings seem to work best.

Put the body on the chassis and over the CNC machined alum. body mount before painting it and mark the holes.  Drill the hole just large enough for M3 thread of the TRA3931 screw to pass through.  Secure it in place with an old shock o-ring.  The o-ring will keep the screw from falling out and act as a cushion for the body on the body mount.  This set-up of mounting the body keeps the body as low as possible.

What is required to finish this kit will also be 17mm hex adapter kit (ST1654-17) and also 1/8th scale buggy tires.

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