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STRC Threaded shock body and shock cap

STRC Threaded shock body and shock cap

changing over your stock plastic Ultra shocks for your Slash4 x4 to our big-bore aluminum threaded shock body shocks will greatly improved the handling and performance of your Slash 4×4.  These instruction can also be used to build our other shock bodies/caps combo for other vehicles.


First step:  Remove the springs, collars, and pre-load spacers from your plastic Ultra shocks.  Then use a shock shaft pliers (ST22353) and carefully remove the bottom shock mount.  To remove the center black plastic spacer in between the two blue o-rings without damaging the o-rings, you can bend a paper clip to a hook to help with the process.

The picture below shows the parts you will retain and use for the aluminum shock bodies

Next, take the o-rings and the plastic black bushing and coat them liberally with Associated Green slime.  This will help provide a better seal against shock oil leaking and prevent the o-rings from being ripped when you re-install the shock shaft

Insert the cartridge assembly (O-ring/spacer/O-ring) into the bottom of the aluminum shock body.  Prior to screwing on the bottom shock cap, apply just a small drop of blue loc-tite to prevent the bottom shock cap from working itself loose during running

Carefully insert the shock shaft through the shock body.  Try and keep the shock shaft straight during this process to prevent tearing of the o-ring in the cartridge.  To make it easier to install the O-ring shock collar (and to prevent tearing of the O-ring inside the collar) you can apply a bit of shock oil to the o-ring prior to screwing the collar onto the threaded shock body.  Threaded shock bodies allows for very finite adjustment to spring pre-load/ride height

Next insert the upper shock bladder into the shock caps.  Make sure it is seated properly in the shock cap

Next pour the shock oil into the shock body (we starting off with 30wt front and rear) and work the shock shaft slowly up and down a few times.  Fill the shock body with oil up to about 2-3mm from the top of the shock body.  Let the shock assembly sit for a few minutes to let all the air bubble work its way to the top.  A pencil holder works very well for this application.

The final and most important part of the shock building process is bleeding of the shocks.  Bring the shock shaft slowly towards the top of the shock body.  Come to a stop when the shock shaft is about 4-5mm away from the bottom of the shock body as shown in the picture.  Now take the shock cap/bladder assembly and screw on the shock cap.  Some oil might come out during this step (and that is fine).  Once the shock cap is screwed on, wipe off the excess oil and check the rebound stroke of the shock shaft by compressing the shock shaft a few times.  You should not hear any “squeeky” air bubble noise.  If you do, dump out the oil and repeat this process again

Finally, reinstall the shock spring and the bottom shock retainer.  Adjust the shock collar for the desire pre-load once the shocks have been installed back onto the truck.

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