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Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions Part 1

Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions Part 1

Thank you for purchasing our Slash 4x4 LCG conversion kit.  Please follow the instruction below for step by step direction on how to convert your Slash to LCG configuration using our conversion kit:

1) Start off with a clear area to work with.  Have your tools and parts lay out.  I would also suggest blue shop towel and also blue thread lock.  Give yourself lots of time and don't rush through the process.  Although this is a fairly easy conversion, but taking your time with the build will ensure that everything is built correctly and the best performance out of your truck.

2) Locate the main chassis, two steering posts (they would be the two skinnier aluminum posts), the front bulkhead and the following hardwares: 3x15mm countersunk screws (x2) and 4x8mm countersunk screws (x3).  Bolt the front bulkhead to the chassis using the three 4x8mm countersunk screws and be sure to use a small drop of blue loc-tite on each screw.  Then install the aluminum steering posts with the two 3x15mm countersunk screws, again using blue loc-tite

3) Locate your steering bellcrank assembly (and be sure you have the 4 pieces of 5x8mm bearings).  Slide the two lower bellcrank bearings onto the steering posts first and then slowly slide the entire bellcrank assembly over the two steering posts.  There are two large CNC aluminum tubes that fit over the bellcrank assembly to take up the slack between the bellcrank and the upper deck.  The picture shows where they go on the steering posts, but leave them off until you're ready to install the upper deck so you don't loose them.

4) Remove the suspension hinge-pin setscrews from the front bulkhead and keep it in a safe location.

Locate your front gearbox/suspension assembly and remove the inner hinge-pins to install the suspension arm onto the front bulkhead.  Slide the A-arms onto the bulkhead and slide the hinge-pin through.  

Secure the front suspension brace (blue piece) with the original button head screw only this time add a small drop of blue loc-tite because it will now be screwing into the aluminum bulkhead.  Now finally install the suspension hinge-pin set-screws back in place with just a tiny drop of blue loc-tite.  Too much loc-tite here might possibly get inside the hinge-pin/bulkhead and bind up the suspension when it dries

5) Locate the center chassis posts (3 of them) and three 3x10mm countersunk screws

and install them with blue loc-tite at the following locations on the chassis:

6) next locate the battery "L" brackets (2 pieces) and four of the 3x10mm countersunk screws

Our LCG chassis have three battery position drilled for adjusting weight bias using battery location.  We recommend starting off with the center set of holes

Next locate the center battery block and two 3x10mm countersunk screw.  Install in reference to the "L" bracket holes that you're using (in this case it would be the middle set of holes)




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