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Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions Part 3

Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions Part 3

11) Locate the nylon battery hold down plate posts and two 3x10mm countersunk screw, two O-rings and two body clips

Remove the bottom stub of the plastic body posts so the post will sit flat on the chassis

Install them on the chassis and be sure that they sit in the pre-cut shape for it on the chassis.

12) Locate the CNC Machined aluminum servo mounts (x2), four of the 3x10mm countersunk screw, and locate the 4 flat button head screw from the stock servo mounting.

Install the servo with the 4 flat button head screws, be sure to use a small drop of blue loc-tite.  I used my trusty KO Propo 2366 hi-torque servo.  KO Propo makes some of the best high quality servo around.  This particular one has gone through nitro off-road, on-road and electric off-road with me and still works beautifully

install the servo assembly onto the chassis with the four 3x10mm countersunk screws.  Keep the screws loose until all four screws are installed (and be sure to use a bit of loc-tite on each) and tighten them down a little bit at a time on each one as you get close to the chassis.

13) Locate the CNC machined aluminum motor cam and the two 3x10mm cap screws, two 3x8mm cap screws and the single 3x16mm cap screw and the motor of your choice (in our case it's a Tekin 5.5 redline SC4X 550 motor)

Mount the motor to the motor cam with the two 3x8mm cap screws, and install the pinion for the gear ratio you desire.  We cut a slot in the motor cam to allow easier access and proper height for the pinion installation.

Slide the motor cam/motor assembly onto the motor mount.  Install the 3x16mm cap screw and this screw is for adjust the gear mesh.  Screw in to bring the mesh looser, and unscrew it to bring the mesh closer.  The desire gear mesh should be a bit of play between the spur and pinion gear.  Install the two 3x10mm cap screw on the top of the motor cam to secure the cam in place once the desire mesh is reached.  Double check the mesh prior to running and also after running.

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