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Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions: Tips & Tricks

Slash 4x4 LCG Instructions: Tips & Tricks

Here we like to share a few tips and tricks for our Slash 4x4 LCG kit 

1) The center diff (or slipper) spacing was designed to have some play built in to accommodate either the center diff or the slipper setup.  The play is also built in to prevent the transmission from binding up upon hard landings or crash to the rear of the truck.  To adjust for the amount of play is very simple:  Simply take 1 or 2 of the Traxxas 0.5mm wheel axle teflon washer (Traxxas Part Number TRA1985) and slide them to the end of the center diff (or slipper) that goes into the rear gear box.  This will bring the play movement down to about 1mm (again, remember a bit of play is good).

2) Please note that we at STRC have some of the best and tightest bearing tolerances in the industry, so extra care and attention is required when you install the bearings (especially for the center motor mount bearing.  Be sure that the 10x15mm bearing is lined up perfectly straight before pressing it in.  As you get towards the end, you might need to apply slightly more pressure and you will get a snug, tight, straight fit.  

3) The length of the servo link (from the servo to the steering bellcrank) will differ slightly depending on the brand of the servo you use.  For our KO Propo servo, the distance was 14mm of turnbuckle showing between the plastic ends.  Also be sure to adjust the end points on your steering so the bellcrank does not extend too much and strain against the front gear box

4) For mounting the electronics on the chassis (ESC and Receiver) I personally double up on the servo tape to provide a bit extra cushion for the electronics against harsh landings.  And also a great place for your personal transponder would be underneath the servo

5) For the 550 motor, I like to have the brushless sensor wire tabs facing up.  In this position the tabs are less likely to get hit during a side impact (which can short out the motor if that happens)

6) the chassis have a hole opening to access the steering bellcrank link (the turnbuckle that goes from the servo to the bellcrank) as it would be difficult to get to once the LCG kit is fully assembled.  This hole (red circle) from the bottom allow access to it

7) For mounting an antenna tube, one of the holes on the upper deck is perfect in diameter for antenna tube.  The two holes on the upper deck are for those that wants to use the stock plastic receiver box.

8) Note:  This LCG conversion kit was designed with ROAR rule specification in mind.  So the chassis layout and weight balance was designed around 550 motor size and 2S lipo battery.  A 3S battery does fit (see below pic) and a good 4.5 550 size motor with proper timing and boost profile plus a 3S battery will be more than enough to compete in any "unlimited" club racing class.  Just another note:  If we were to design a motor mount that accommodate a 1/8th diameter motor that would mean when a 550 size motor is installed it would sit rather high....which then defeats the purpose of the whole idea of "LCG"


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