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Jammin SCRT10 Rear Chassis Brace

Jammin SCRT10 Rear Chassis Brace

Product FAQ: Installing Jammin SCRT10 Rear Chassis Brace

By Team STRC, July 12, 2010 5:16 pm

The following our instructions for proper installation of our Jammin SCRT10 Rear Chassis Brace (Click on any image below for a larger photo)

First remove the plastic rear chassis brace, including the single long bolt to the center plate

Next, line up the aluminum chassis brace with the rear brace mount slot and slide it in place as shown below:

Next, line up the plastic sleeve over the brace

Next, install the long countersunk screw back into the chassis brace, but only thread in 2-3 turns, enough to hold it in place

Next, similar to the front chassis brace, keep the rear brace “floating” a bit and install the four bottom chassis brace screws all about 2-3 turns in only.  DO NOT tighten down any of the screw all the way just yet

Next, start to tighten down the bottom 4 screws a little bit of each at a time.  DO NOT tighten one down all the way and then to the next.  Make sure they all end up tightening about 1-2 turns away from each other.

Once the bottom 4 screws are installed, now the top countersunk long screw can be tighten down

Finally, install the button head screw that secures the chassis brace in the brace mount

Your rear chassis brace is now properly installed

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