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Axial Wraith Alum. Steering Link upgrade (STA80073)

Axial Wraith Alum. Steering Link upgrade (STA80073)

Install instructions for STRC Axial Wraith Aluminum Steering Link upgrade (STA80073)

This upgrade will require Axial part AX80057 Rod ends and AX80018 Rod End Links.  You can reuse the rod end links by cutting out stock ones from the plastic links

The rod ends will be used in the way it is distributed below.  we have designed the length of our suspension and steering links to take full advantage of the entire part tree of AX80057 rod ends from Axial

Next Install the rod end links and the included M3x16mm set-screw into the rod ends.  Go about half way in on the M3x16mm set-screws.  (The picture below shows rod ends done for the suspension links as well)

Install the rod end assembly onto the steering links.  Be sure to use a drop of blue loc-tite on the threads prior to installing them into the links.  Make sure to let the loc-tite dry completely before running the vehicle.

Remove the plastic steering link and keep the hardware as some of them will be re-used later.

Next, install the steering servo short link, and then the left side (rear looking forward) of the long link on to the steering knuckle.  Be sure to check the orientation of the long link prior to install so it clears the axle pumpkin.

Finally, bring the other end of the long link together with the end of the steering link to the right knuckle.  Use the included M3x25mm screw and secure the links to the knuckle as shown in the picture.  Use the lock-nut removed from the assembly earlier to secure the new aluminum steering links.

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