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Wraith Off-Axle Servo Mount + Panhard Kit install (STA30792P)

Wraith Off-Axle Servo Mount + Panhard Kit install (STA30792P)

STA30792P Off-Axle Servo Mount + Panhard kit

You will also need Axial AX80057 rod ends and AX80018 Ball link for the rod ends.

Locate the hardware bag and two of the 3x16mm set-screws and install them into the long straight AX80057 rod ends with the AX80018 inside the rod ends

Locate the straight aluminum Panhard link and install the rod end assembly into each end with a small drop of blue loctite on the threads

Next remove the servo from the on-axle servo mount plate and also the servo mount plate from the axle as well.

Now remove the steering links on the right side knuckle by removing the M3 lock-nut at the bottom and unscrew the long 2.5 hex screw that holds the two steering links together. Remove the long straight AX80057 rod end with set-screw assembly to use with the steering link that came with the STA30792P panhard package (this is if you already upgraded to our aluminum steering) if you have the plastic steering link, you will need to use two more of the AX80057 rod end with two more AX80018 Ball link.  Be sure to use a bit of blue loctite on the thread of the set-screw prior to installing it into the bent steering link.

Now you have the completed Panhard link and new bent steering link

Next, remove the front lexan hood off the roll cage, and remove the front part of the roll cage as shown

Next, locate the off-axle servo mount with the integrated Panhard mount and loosen up the four 1.5mm set screw so they do not block the roll cage from sliding through.  Then locate the 4 washer and 4 3x8mm button head screw and install the servo on the servo mount

Now install the Panhard link with the M3x12mm button head screw from the back side.  And install the bent steering link with the shorter end towards the knuckle.  Once the link are installed, push the servo mount back so the end of the servo touches the receiver box.  Bring up the Panhard link a bit while pushing back because it might snag against the axle housing if it's hanging down.  Take your time in pushing the mount back and installing it on to the roll cage.  It is a snug fit so it will take a bit of force and good alignment to push the mount on.  Once the servo mount is in place, tighten the four set-screw onto the roll cage.  Be sure not to over tighten, once it is snug just give it a quarter turn more.

Now remove the right side lower shock mount and lower link mount on the axle.  Locate the Panhard axle mount.  Use the long M3 screws (2 pcs) one going through the panhard mount and securing the lower shock mount and one going through the panhard mount and securing the lower link.  We suggest doing the shock mount first as this is easier to see and keeps the panhard mount in place which makes it easier to do the lower link mounting.

Next install the other end of the Panhard link on to the mount with the M3x14mm screw and a M3 lock-nut 

Once the Panhard link is in place, secure the long steering link back onto the knuckle

For the Panhard kit to function correctly with no binding, you will remove the right upper suspension link.

Finally, install the front part of the roll cage back on and the lexan hood back on as well.  

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