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Instruction for Izilla Monster Truck chassis kit (STA80074)

Instruction for Izilla Monster Truck chassis kit (STA80074)

Thank you for purchasing our STA80074 series Izilla Monster Truck Racing Chassis kit for the Axial Wraith. 

The installation for the chassis kit is very simple and can be done usually in less than 30 minutes.  As always, have a nice, clean and spacious work area for the build and follow the instructions below:


First remove the Wraith cage/body, retain the battery tran and if you want to, the stock receiver box as well

Layout the front and rear transmission and axles and get ready to install the chassis plates

Look closely in the image below and the labels for the size/type of the screws as that is what we will be referencing

Install the first chassis plate to the Wraith center skid plate using four pcs of M3x8mm flat head screws

Next locate the 3 center cross member chassis beams and have them lined up in the following orientation (front of the truck is to the left)

Install the three beams using three M3x8mm flat head screws but keep the screws slightly loose (about a turn away from fully tighten)

Next install the stock plastic Wraith battery tray with the holes lined up to the center beams.  Install the tray with the M2.6x6mm flat head screws

Next locate the aluminum electronic plate.  If you plan on using the stock receiver box, the holes are drilled to mount the receiver box (use the stock screw to mount the receiver box) use double sided tape for mounting the ESC and switch

Install one of the end cross member beam/sway bar mount to the chassis plate.  If you wish to install sway bar, you will need Axial Wraith Rear Sway bar kit and our 63.5mm links.  This can be purchased as a combo here (STAX30782)

To install the sway bar kit you will first pass the sway bar of your choice from the kit through the sway bar mount, then mount the axial sway bars holder on each end.  Instead of building the sway bar links using the included turnbuckle, you will use our 63.5mm links and the 4 set-screw.  The finished product should look as follows:

Install the end beam with the sway bar assembling.  Follow the instruction in the Axial sway bar kit and install the lower part of the sway bar link to the AR60 axle

Next install the other side of the chassis plate following similar steps in the directions above.

For the stock Wraith shocks, rubber upper shock mounting link was used in the shock cap.  In one of the included part tree with your Wraith there will be nylon plastic upper shock mount ball links (AX80033) that we will use to mount the shocks.  These will replace the rubber shock mount link.

Use the included M3x16mm button head screw to install the shock to the chassis.  On the back side have the button head screw install into the cnc machined aluminum cross brace.  Repeat on the other side.

Final step is to install the included body posts.  The posts were designed to mount the truck body not too high to maintain the Low CG racing design of the chassis.  However, for taller body or SUV type body, taller body posts might be required and need to be purchased separately.  You can also use side mounting option with the open cross member beam holes.

Your chassis is now complete!

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