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Axial Yeti Suspension Links install (STA31109U/L)

Axial Yeti Suspension Links install (STA31109U/L)

The following are instructions for installing STA31109U upper link and STA31109L lower link for the Axial Yeti.

Remove the plastic links from the Yeti and also the set-screws from the aluminum links package

Also needed is AX80057 Axial turnbuckle ends (1 pack)

The ends needed are the long straight ends and the short curved ends

Install the set-screw into the plastic turnbuckle ends about half way of the length of the set-screw into the ends

put a small drop of blue loc-tite on the set-screws and installed into the aluminum links

The short curved ends goes onto the upper links and the long straight ends go to the lower links

cut the plastic ends to remove the ball link out and install them into the ends of the aluminum links

Install the links back onto the Yeti.

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