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SCX10 Monster Kitty Front End

SCX10 Monster Kitty Front End

One thing in building these rigs for my kids, durability is the number 1 priority.  They put a real test on these rigs because no matter how many times you tell them to go easy on the throttle, they never do.  Then again, there's nothing like full throttling a Jeep going over mud, rocks, bush, or combination of the three that brings a smile to their face.  So in building this rig for my girl, we took the opportunity to make it as strong as possible while show casing our products in the process.

The first thing we did to the front end was upgrade the C-hub (STA80012) and Knuckle (STA80004) combination to aluminum pieces.  Aside from durability reasons, the stock plastic knuckle flexes and bend a lot during steering application and really minimize the steering capability of the SCX10.  I decided to go with the black anodized C-hub to preserve the scale look of the black nylon plastic main axle, and used the red anodized knuckle for some bling.  I also installed the our universal kit (STA30464) with the red anodized sleeves to match.

In combination with the beefed up front axle, I also installed our aluminum steering link kit (STA30516) this is by far the single best and most economical upgrade to your SCX10.  The stock plastic unit have way too much flex and while the stock servo is pretty decent in torque, it all gets lost in the flexing stock plastic steering links.  These aluminum links will greatly improve the steering on your SCX10.  They will require a set of axial turnbuckle ends to complete (AX80005)

The same idea goes for the suspension links, while not as critical as the steering links, the stock plastic links also flexes a tremendous amount and by switching them out for aluminum ones not only allow your suspension to work like they are designed to do it also makes your rig look pretty awesome.  To continue with the red theme for this build, we used our front and rear lower link kit (STA30518) and our front and rear upper link kit (STA80043U) to complete the suspension links on this build.  One interesting option parts in the picture is our center driveshaft spline (STA31114S) and driveshaft reinforcement sleeves (STA31114) if there was one area on the SCX10 that me and the boys in our running have experience a consistent break down it is usually right around the center driveshaft area.  These two components really beef up the center drivetrain. 

The final thing we addressed on the front end was the shock towers (STA80025F) and the front bumper mount (STA80125F).  The stock shock tower does the job just fine, but they do end to bend and flex a bit under heavy shock compression.  The shock towers also double as the body mount posts holder so if they are flexing and bending they can damage the body and elongate or crack the body hole.  While we never had one of these stock plastic tower break on us, replacing it with aluminum ones just gives it a peace of mind and it looks great contrasting against the black chassis rail.  The front bumper mount is sandwiched between the two rails so it does have a job of providing more rigidity to the front end of the chassis, and again, the red in my opinion looks great against the black chassis rails.  For those that like to keep it more scale instead of bling, black anodized or gun metal is available.

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