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SCX10 Monster Kitty Rear build

SCX10 Monster Kitty Rear build

We build up the rear end of this rig starting with our CNC Machined aluminum rear lock-out (STA30493) and the rear upper link mount (STA80043)  these two items really dress up the rear axle and help provide more durability and reduce the flex in these two areas

To reduce the flex in the upper shock mount, we replace the rear shock towers with CNC Machined aluminum ones (STA80025R) and upgrade the plastic shock bodies to CNC Machined aluminum ones (STA30130) with faux shock resevoir (STA30131)  Just to add a touch of racing looks, we installed the graphite battery plate (STA30483)

The rear suspension links have been upgraded with aluminum links to eliminate flex and better suspension performance using our aluminum links kit (STA30517 or STA30518 depending on the wheelbase of your truck)

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