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Project Axial RR10 Bomber Shocks, Center Transmission

Project Axial RR10 Bomber Shocks, Center Transmission

Shock Package

The first place you should always consider upgrading on any RTR vehicle would be the shocks.  Most RTR comes with plastic shock body and upper shock caps which are fine to start with, but aluminum shock bodies would be much smoother over the plastic shock body and will not crack during hard impact.  If budget is tight, definitely upgrade at least the upper shock caps.  This is a high stress/impact area of your suspension and plastic shock caps can rip off the shock body entirely during a hard landing or crash

The RR10 Bomber already comes with aluminum shock bodies, so just minimal upgrade is required to take this to top-notch high performance level shocks.  We upgraded the shock package with the following:  STA80034 Shock Collars, STA80035 Upper shock caps, STA80035C lower shock retainers

These components are easy and quick to install and definitely improve the looks and performance of your RR10 Bomber's shocks

Center Transmission:

The RR10 Bomber uses a brand new transmission from Axial, solid and great performing, but the plastic motor mount components do not dissipate heat wel, so we upgrade the motor mount with our STA31107 heat sink motor plate   and our STA31156 Motor Mount/Cam setup

These are direct bolt on pieces, simply remove the stock plastic pieces, and install the aluminum pieces exactly.  Very simple and quick install

Tip on motor cam tightening:

The screw you want to tighten down fully first is the one the red line is pointing at.  The upper clamp then can tighten down on the motor cam when you tighten the outside screw and this will completely lock in the motor cam and keep the motor from moving.

We complete the center transmission setup with a few STA3114 drive cups to reinforce around the center driveshaft

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