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Project Axial RR10 Bomber Front Axle

Project Axial RR10 Bomber Front Axle

For the front axle, the definite must-have upgrade is around the steering and suspension links.  The RR10 Bomer shares the same front suspension and steering linkage as the Axial Wraith, so we upgrade the front suspension linke with our more heavy duty STA80083L and STA80083U series links.  For those that are more on a budget, the aluminum tube links (STA80083) will work just as well here.  Both will require the use of Axial AX80057 turnbuckle ends.   For steering you definitely want to ditch the plastic steering links as it takes away the precision and also the power from the servo due to flex.  Upgrade with STA80073 steering linkages will elminate the flex in steering and fully transfer the power from your steering servo.

The Front axle itself is also beefed up with our STA80070DV2 series diff cover with STA80070 internal diff holder securing the diff/locker in place


For mounting the lower links and the front lower shocks, we used the new STA31317 series lower axle link mounts.  These offers plenty of option holes for lower links, lower shock mounting, and sway bar lower mount. 

Finally to get this RR10 Bomer ready for the abuse of rough rock racing terrains we upgraded with our STA80062 C-hub carriers and new STA31316 series steering knuckle.  The STA31316 is a step up from the previous version of STA80061 aluminum steering knuckles as it eliminates the rear arm portion of the knuckle and now includes the steering arm plates in the package. 

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