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Project Izilla Racing MT chassis Type 2 build (going big!)

Project Izilla Racing MT chassis Type 2 build (going big!)

In this type 2 build, we build the Izilla chassis using Axial Yeti length links from and rear and Proline Brawler +17.5mm wheels with their 2.6 Destroyer tire.  If you're looking to build an approximately 1/8th size Monster Truck for insane bashing with plenty of suspension travel to soak up everything, this is probably the way you want to go.  The shocks being mounted on the suspension links instead of over the axle provides a much "plushier" feel

The lower links are straight from our Yeti option parts line up: STA31109L CNC Machined aluminum lower links

The upper links are 7mm straight links STA13102 from our custom hardware and aluminum links page.  If you are building any projects, it is worthwhile to look through the custom hardware and aluminum links page.

The upper links are now mounted to the option holes on the side of the Izilla MT Racing Chassis.  Axle/Pumpkin angle can now be adjusted with these option holes on the side of the chassis plate.

Front Axle:

For the front axle, we upgrade the steering linkage with our solid aluminum steering link upgrade kit STA80073.  With the big tires and long axle, upgrade to the steering link is a must.  We also added STA80072S Steering Servo mount to further beef up the servo area.  The axle is upgraded with STA80070X lower link mount and STA80070DV2 diff cover for good looks and solid durability.

Rear Axle:


For the rear axle, the immediate upgrade was to switch out the plastic lock-out with more solid aluminum ones (STA80071) to better support the larger tire.  One tip on installing the STA80071, although Axial use very short m3x6mm screws to hold the plastic ones in place, we highly recommand using a longer machine screw (m3x8mm or M3x10mm) because there are more "meat" on the AR60 axle and the longer screw will more securely hold the lock-out in place and will not interfering with the internal drive axles.

Like the front axle, we upgrade with the STA80070DV2 diff covers and STA80070X lower link mount.  You'll also notice the red STA31114 center drive shaft cup sleeves and the STA31114M center driveshaft spline.  The driveshaft spline much improve the smoothness of the driveshaft during suspension compression when the spline moves in and out of the driveshafts. 

As mentioned before, we used the STA31109L Yeti lower suspension links for the longer wheelbase setup.  This looks great and more porportional with the Proline 2.6 Destroyer tires with the +17.5mm offset.  To make the center driveshaft reach the center transmission and the axles, we used the medium length female outdrive shaft from Axial part AX31114 and together with our STA31114M center driveshaft spline, this setup is perfect length and ultra smooth in operation. 

This is a large MT racing setup.  We would consider this to be the size of 1/8th with wheelbase around 15.5 inches long from axle to axle.  Please note that the longer wheelbase, larger tires will require a bigger power plant as running with stock electronics the truck was still decent fast in speed, but definitely can use more power.  The larger Proline Destroyer tires also put a lot of stress on the front diff locker and driveshafts.  We highly recommand converting at lease the front diff to a gear diff setup.

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