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Slash 2WD Monster Truck Build Front suspension

Slash 2WD Monster Truck Build Front suspension

We removed the entire Slash front suspension so it is easier to work on

We replaced just about every single component on the front end to complete this "heavy metal" upgrade.  Again, this just show case what the option parts look like once they are installed, but you should pick and choose the option parts that best suit your build and desired performance. 

Parts like the front bulkhead, lock-nut style hinge-pins and hex adapters are a must have for durability in both racing and bashing conditions.

If you are building up this vehicle to take a lot of abuse, then it is best to also go with the aluminum skid plate, A-arms and shock towers

If you are building more for racing performance in mind, then upgrading the plastic suspension components like the caster blocks and the steering knuckle is worthwhile.

Also upgrading the steering bellcranks to aluminum options will also greatly increase the precision and power of your steering.  The steering bellcrank set also comes with 4 pcs of 5x8mm bearings which will really smooth out your steering on your Slash.

All option parts are listed and available in our Traxxas Slash 2wd option parts section.

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