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Slash 2WD Monster Truck Build Rear suspension

Slash 2WD Monster Truck Build Rear suspension

Similar to what we did with the front suspension, we removed the entire rear suspension to work on installing the option parts.

Like the front suspension upgrades, you should pick the option parts that best suits what you plan on doing with this vehicle.  If you plan on bashing the vehicle, then definitely go with beefier rear lower suspension arms, rear motor guard, rear aluminum skid plate and shock tower.  Rear hub carriers and hex adapters along with the lock-nut style hinge-pins are definitely a good idea for those that are more performance oriented and plan on racing their MT.  The universal driveshafts are a great upgrade as well as they do not flex like the plastic driveshafts and will transfer power much more efficiently than the stock units. 

For those of you with an eagle eye, yes those are 1 degree toe-in rear hub carriers and yes they are purposely installed on the opposite side (right on the left and left on the right) this will give this monster truck a slight reduction in the rear toe-in which will allow this truck to steering faster around the corner and acheive a higher top speed.


Again all these great CNC Machined aluminum option parts are available on our Traxxas Slash 2wd option parts page.

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