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Slash 4x4 LCG reloaded...making it better

Slash 4x4 LCG reloaded...making it better

So how do you improve on a good product?  You go over it with a fine comb and refine the small details.  On this second version of the LCG we address a few things that makes this LCG kit even better and second to none on the market.


Small details like re-working the shape of the battery strap to allow for easier and quicker access to the batter and the strap will not be blocked by the upperdeck during removal

The Side profile of the chassis has been reduced to be slimmer to eliminate the chance of chassis scrubbing the ground during hard cornering and reduce overall weight


More chassis reduction in the rear for more weight loss and also more clearance for the sway bar mounting on the lower A-arms.  The rear of the chassis and the rear suspension blocks are also re-designed for improved durability and longevity.  A total of 35 grams of weight saving was made on the version 2 and the chassis narrows up a further almost 4mm. 


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