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SCX10 Lift kit installation instruction (STA30502L)

SCX10 Lift kit installation instruction (STA30502L)

Thank you for purchasing our STA30502L Lift kit for the Axial SCX10.  With this kit, you open up new possiblities of performance with your SCX10 on 2.2 size wheels and tires.  To install, please follow the instruction below:


Be sure to give yourself a nice clean working space to install your kit

Take some time to look over the hardware pack and its contents

The best/quickest way we found to install this kit is by dropping the center transmission first.  You can do so quickly by removing all the skid plate screws that holds it to the chassis rails, and remove the shock tower screws that are closest to the center. 

Then you can stretch the rails apart just slightly enough to wiggle the center transmission out.

Next grab one of the chassis plate and line up the top center 4 holes to the rails, and it should line up one end to the front shock tower hole.  Use a 3x12 flat head screw and install chassis plate and upper shock mount block in the following order:  Chassis, upper shock mount block, and stock shock tower.  Use a 3x10 button head screw to secure the other side of the shock mount block.  Please note the rectangular side of the shock mount block faces out, the triangular side should fit towards the original chassis rail.

Now we work on the rear shock tower.  You will remove the tower and move it to the option set of holes on the chassis rails that is more forward.

Install the rear part of the chassis plate along with another upper shock mount block using a 3x12mm flat head screw in the following order:  Chassis Plate, shock mount block, original shock tower.  Use a 3x10mm button head screw to secure the other end of the upper shock mount block

With the chassis plate now in place, install the center transmission to the bottom of the plate with two 3x10mm flat head screws.  Use a washer for each screw between the skid plate and the chassis side plate. 

Next install the upper suspension links back on to the skid plate with the included 3x16 flat head screws.  Also use a washer between the skid plate and the chassis plate.  Note if you are going to use the option holes on the chassis, you will use a 6mm spacer to install the link.  Remember to check for clearance against center driveshaft when using option holes and non-axial center driveshafts.

Final step would be to use four of the 3x8mm flat head screw to secure the top part of the chassis plate to the original chassis rails.  Use the included M3 lock-nuts to secure it on the otherside.  A curved needle nose plier really helps in this process.

One side of the chassis is now complete, follow the same instruction to install the other side.

Use the included 3x16mm button head screw for upper shock mounting installation.

Now the hard part: which body and tires to use???

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