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Slash 4x4 GT-8 conversion kit installation

Slash 4x4 GT-8 conversion kit installation

Installation instructions for ST6822 Slash 4×4 GT-8/Rally Cross Conversion kit.

The ST6822 Conversion kit is easy to install and require no modifications (just a straight bolt-on).  For experienced hobbyist, it can be done in less than 30 minutes.

Step 1: Remove the stock tires and hex adapters from your Slash 4×4 so only the drive pins is left

Next put a small drop of blue loc-tite on the axle thread

Slide on the 17mm hex adapters onto the axle and over the drive pin (the drive pin should go into the slot on the 17mm hex adapters).  Try not to touch the loc-tite that was just applied

Next thread on the machined aluminum lock-nut onto the axle thread using a 2.5mm allen hex wrench.  tighten all the way down and let the blue loc-tite dry completely.  Repeat for the other 3 axles.

Step 2: Remove the front bumper so all that is left of the front assembly is the same as the picture below:

Next install the front hinge-pin brace using the stock traxxas screw for the center

Step 3: assemble the front bumper assembly

We used the Kyosho 1/8th scale front foam bumper in our design.  Kyosho part number:  IG003

Locate the front bumper to gearbox brace, the upper graphite bumper piece, lower aluminum bumper piece, and the 3 aluminum threaded tubes.

Follow the order below to assemble the bumper assembly:  First screw the gearbox brace to the graphite bumper piece using the supplied 3x10mm button head screws.  Be sure to use a bit of blue loc-tite on the screws.  Next screw the 3 aluminum threaded tubes on to the bottom aluminum bumper plate using the supplied 3x8mm flat head screws.  Again using some blue loc-tite on the screws.

Now put on the Kyosho foam bumper (or which ever 1/8th size GT8 foam bumper you selected to use) and assembled the top and bottom bumper pieces together using the supplied 3x8mm flat head screws.  The final assembled bumper should look like below:

Next align the front bumper assembly to the front gear case like the picture below

and screw the bumper brace in place into the gearbox

Flip the car over and now screw in the supplied 3x10mm flat head screw into the lower part of the front hinge-pin brace.  Be sure to use blue loc-tite here

Next screw on the larger 4x8mm flat head screws and secure the bottom bumper plate

Step 4: Now we are working on the rear portion of the car.  Remove all the bumper pieces so all that remain is looking like the picture below:

Next install the rear hinge-pin brace using the stock screw for the center

Now flip the car over and secure the rear hinge-pin brace in place with two more flat head screws

Now we are complete with the installation of the ST6822 GT8 conversion kit for the Slash 4×4.  For those that plan on running the Protoform PF8 body, the stock body mounts will be of the right height.  For those of you that plan on running a lower nose body (like the Kyosho Ferrari or McLaren) we do suggest our graphite low profile front body mount plate This will drop the front by about 6-7mm in height if you use the stock body mount posts

One way to lower the body mount points even more is to use the Traxxas Battery strap posts for the Rustler and secure it with a M3 threaded nut underneath as pictured.  This will drop the front body mounting position by more than 10mm

We will follow up in future articles with tips and tricks on how to setup your Slash 4×4 GT8 for great on-road racing.  Keep checking back for updates!

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