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Jammin SCRT10 Front Chassis Brace

Jammin SCRT10 Front Chassis Brace

Product FAQ: Installing Jammin SCRT10 Front Chassis Brace

By Team STRC, July 12, 2010 5:00 pm

The following are instructions on how to properly install your Jammin SCRT10 Front Chassis Brace

First step is to obviously remove the old plastic chassis brace.  Keep all the screws off to one side.  In the process, you’ll also removed the upper steering plate.

To install our aluminum chassis brace, first by installing the upper steering plate onto the brace (whether is the stock aluminum plate or our graphite one) by using one button head screw as shown below (Click on any image below for a larger photo):

Next, bring the brace and upper plate assembly over the front chassis area where it is to be installed.  Install just the bottom 4 screws and only thread in 2-3 turns on each screw while keeping the brace “floating” shown below (Note: DO NOT tighten down any of the screws all the way just yet):

Next bring the brace down onto the chassis and install the two steering post screws only as shown below (Note: again, do not tighten down the two steering post screws yet):

Next, start to tighten down the bottom 4 screws a little bit of each at a time.  DO NOT tighten one down all the way and then to the next:

The installation is now complete for the bottom

Now tighten down the steering post screws and finally install the 2 gear case screws

The Brace is now properly installed with no tweak to the chassis

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