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17mm Hex Adapter Installation

17mm Hex Adapter Installation

The following is installation instructions for all 17mm hex adapters (1654-17, 3654-17, STA31266)

First remove the stock tires from your vehicle

Next locate the components of your 17mm hex adapter kit.  You can also consider using 4mm split washers (not included, but readily available at your local hardware store) to keep the inner lock-nuts in place

Now remove the stock 12mm plastic hex adapter

Remove the stock washers (if any) as well off the axle.  The 17mm Hex adapter have a lip machined in to replace the washer.

Put the axle drive pin back in place and install the 17mm hex adapter on the axle over the drive pin.

Next install the inner lock nut to secure the 17mm hex adapter in place.  If you have one of our STRA55 series lock-nut wrench, it is designed to fit inside the hex adapter.  If you wish to put on a split washer, you would do so before installing the inner lock-nut.  Also a drop of blue lock-tite right now will help secure the inner lock-nut in place.

Next remove the 17mm size lock-nut and install your choice of the 17mm hex wheel/tire combo onto the hex adapter.  You can further tightening down the inner lock nut by turning the tire.

Finally, secure the 17mm hex nut and repeat on all other wheels and you're done!

1/2" off-set 17mm pre-mounted Proline Badlands on Traxxas Stampede 4x4

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