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Bearing Installation on aluminum option parts

Bearing Installation on aluminum option parts

At STRC our manufacturing process for bearing holes are a bit different than other option parts manufactures.  Understanding that aluminum anodizing process can have an effect on the tolerance of the component, when it comes to bearing locations, it can be the difference between a tight “just right” fit or a too loose fit.  So our process is to only machine the bearing holes after the part has been anodized.  It is a longer and more expensive process, however, it allows the part to be more precise, longer bearing life, and overall better performance. 

Installing the bearing can sometimes be a bit tricky with our CNC machined component as the bearing will fit tight and if it’s not align properly during installation it would be near impossible to push the bearings in.  Follow the steps below for easier installation and proper alignment of the bearing during install:

First step would be to layout the part, the bearings (usually for knuckles or hub carriers there are two) and an axle from the vehicle that you’re installing our aluminum part in to.


Next, as best as you can line up the outer bearing with the part that you’re installing.  Make sure to get the bearing to sit as flat and parallel to the bearing hole as possible.  Any slight angle will make it difficult to push in the bearing, due to the tight tolerance of our bearing holes.


Applying even pressure with both thumbs, gently push in the bearing.  If you feel a large amount of resistance, stop and look to see if the bearing is at an angle.


Locate an axle from the vehicle and slide on the inside bearing as shown


Next, line up the axle to pass through the outside bearing, and gently push the bearing and axle combo in.  The axle help guide the inner bearing to go straight since it will pass through the outer bearing which helps align it.  This trick is especially useful when installing bearing into a part that have the bearing holes designed to be at an angle in relation to the part (like the Axial Wraith knuckle shown)


Now the inside bearing is install properly.  As you can see from the photo below how easily the angle of the part in relation to the bearing hole can throw someone off as the bearing being not installed properly (the picture below shows bearing correctly installed)


Lastly, to double check that the two bearings are installed correctly, pass the axle through to check for binding.


For more information and instruction on how to install bearings properly into our option parts, please visit our youtube video linked below:

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