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Universal Assembly

Universal Assembly

Universal Driveshaft Assembly instructions

STRC’s universals are specially designed and manufactured to withstand the rigors of off-road racing.  Our high quality carbon-steel and heat treatment process make these universal durable and long lasting.  However, the proper assembly and maintenance will ensure optimal performance of your universal and extend the life of your driveshafts.


First lay out all the components of the universals from the package.  Make sure all the necessary parts are there.


Next, insert the universal joint into the cage of the universal bone.  Put a small drop of blue loc-tite on the setscrew that holds the

universal pin down

Next insert the joint pins through the holes in the axle, then through the cage and the joint assembly.  Make sure the flat spot on the joint pin is showing through where the set-screw would be installed.  It is very important to make sure the set screw sits on the flat spot of the joint pins.  Otherwise the universal would bind and cause breakage. 


Finally, install the set-screw.  Again make sure it sits on the flat spot of the joint pin.  If it’s not, the set-screw would not sit flush with the end of the joint.  Do not over-tighten as that would cause bending or even a split on the universal joint.   Allow for at least 30 minutes for the loc-tite to dry before running.  Repeat the process for the other universal. 

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