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SC10,T4,B4 rear hex adapter install

SC10,T4,B4 rear hex adapter install

Installing STC9608-12 Rear 12mm hex adapter for SC10/T4/B4. 

The STC9608-12 hex adapters allows SC10 owners to use the now short course standard 12mm hex adapter which are stronger and less likely to round off the wheel in comparison to the original SC10 roll-pin only setup.  It also allows the B4/T4 owner to use the more durable hex design wheels for their buggy or stadium truck.  The following diagram shows the proper assembly process

The assembly order is as follows:  all washers removed.  Pin installed into the axle.  Hex adapter installed over the axle and tighten down the setscrew, follow by the wheel/tires, follow by one thing silver washer from the washers removed, the blue large washer (flat side facing wheel) and the lock nut.  Some wheels does not require the silver washer, always check fit after tightening the lock nut to see if washer needs to be added or removed.

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